Oct 15

this journal will actually change your life

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A few weeks ago, I encountered a certain multiply site which was promoting a certain planner wherein they would send you a copy and you would evaluate it and compare it with the Starbucks planner. I find it a cool challenge since I’m an OC person and having a planner keeps me sane. I’ve had 2 editions of the Starbucks planner and I can’t entirely say that I’m fully contented with its features. Anyway, I signed up for the challenge and a few days later, a copy was delivered to our house. Coolness! The front cover of the new planner says: “This journal will actually change your life 2009”. That’s a really big claim! Well, I have to find out for myself.

I got my 2008 and 2007 Starbucks planner and compared it with the new planner. When I placed them side by side, I actually liked the 2007 Starbucks planner – aesthetically-wise, considering the cover and the material used. But then again, as the saying goes – don’t judge the book by its cover. Actually, the planners have a lot of similarities. This includes both having beneficiaries from the sales of the planners. They both have the standard feature of having a daily entry space where one can write their stuff to do. But what I liked more about the new planner is that it includes holidays and special days which I never thought existed. It even includes the schedule of the full moon as well as a lot of trivia and quotes which would be fun to read every now and then. I’m actually trying to restrain myself from reading all the quotes and trivia included in the new planner, I’m leaving some to be read for the rest of the coming year.

I liked that the new planner has a monthly page which would serve as a general overview of what is to come for a specific month. This is important for OC people like me. Also, the daily pages include the whole calendar in the upper portion which makes it more efficient since you wouldn’t have to flip pages in order to check the calendar whenever you need to consult it.

I love that the new planner has an extra spread after every week. I really appreciate it since I can imagine myself putting down notes there which I can’t put in the daily entries. Actually, I have put extra pages in my 2008 Starbucks planner where I can write down my notes, now I don’t have to do that since the new planner has extra sheets where you can put your notes already. It would also be fun filling up the mood chart included.

After every month, you can also find an expense chart which I find very useful. I actually have an excel expense chart myself, but having it on the actual planner would really help on tracking down my expenses even if it’s just a simpler version. It even has a quarterly page where one can evaluate the quarter that has passed. At the back portion, there’s a directory for contact information that you can make use of where you can put new phone numbers, etc.

I’m actually looking forward to using this new planner. I love it! It was definitely well thought of. I was just hoping it comes with a pen and a pen holder inside the planner. Anyway, that’s just minor wish. I’m excited for 2009 to come so I can make use of this new planner already.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the new planner and their beneficiaries, I suggest that you visit www.freespeechpublications.com.

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